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January - 2019 -
January 16 I’m joining my old friends Lou Moore and Roly Platt for an evening of music at a new (to me) venue. It’s Wranglers Bar and Grill 201 Hurst Street in Barrie Ontario. Lou plays great guitar and sings, Roly is a master of the harmonica and I’m not sure if I’m playing guitar or bass…? But I guess we’ll figure that out when I get there. It’s an early gig so you can hear a lot of music and still be in bed before it gets late. We start at 6:00pm and go until 9:00. Here’s a link to the clubs site: https://wranglersbarnandgrill.com
January 17 It’s Robert Morgan’as big Bob Dylan show! This time we’re at Lula Lounge, a very fun, festive spot on Dundas West. Great sound and great food. Plus everything Dylan. It’s an early show 7:00-9:00PM and it’s the usual gang, Robert Morgan, George Axon, Hap Roderman, Ed Roth and Kevin Howley… oh and me! Here’s the web site with directions etc.:https://www.lula.ca
January 26 January 26 Ed Smith and the Even Squares hit a little club in Mississauga. I’ve played here before with Kevin Phillips and I gotta tell you, if you’re not specifically looking for it, you’d never find it. It’s called Cavan’s Alley Bar and that’s exactly where it is…. in an alley! However that said, it’s nice when you do find it. Sort of a ‘hole in the wall’ kinda place. Good draft beer and tonight, great country music. Cavan’s Alley Bar 585 Lakeshore Rd. E Mississauga. Here’s their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Cavens-Alley-352169684931188/ We start at 9:00PM.
February 8 It’s one of my favorite gigs. Guitar Mayhem. We did this this past summer in Ingersoll at the Canterbury Festival to rave reviews. Take three hot country Telecaster players (Steve Piticco, Shawn McCullough and me) and add an awesome rhythm section Rocky LaFleur, Marc Lemieux) and another vocalist/instrumentalist (fiddler Wade Foster) and you’ve got MAYHEM! This time we’re reconvening in our founding venue, The Cove Inn in Westport ON. It’s just about 40 minutes north of Kingston. There is a cover charge and the food at The Cove Inn is second to none. Book this one early as there’s limited seating and it always sells out. Here’s the website: http://coveinn.com/index.php/events/
February 16 I’m once again picking with Ed Smith at the Stouffville Legion. Ed’s been hitting all the legions northeast of Toronto and the legion crowd is loving it. Doesn’t hurt that we have some killer players and we play traditional country. The stuff you can’t find on the radio anymore. With a little bluegrass and rock thrown in now and then. Stouffville Legion is located at 150 Mostar Street Stouffville. And you’d best contact them to get tickets: (905) 640-1714. http://www.stouffvillelegion.ca 
February 22 Wendell & Wheat ride again. It's the Old Winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake. This is an excellent Italian restaurant and Wheat and I sit in and play our material with Steve Goldberger and the Niagara Rhythm Section. Steve, Dave and Mikey. It’s just what Wheat and I normally do except it’s with an excellent backing band. I get to wail on the electric and offend a very high class of patrons. We start around 9:00 and come early for dinner I always do. Here’s the web site and directions: http://www.theoldwineryrestaurant.com 
February 23 Once again I’m the opening act and later join her for a few numbers. Who’s her? It's Tianna Woods. Tianna is a multi-instrumentalist from the Burlington area and she’s presenting her 'Country and Then Some’ show at the Roxy Theatre in Owen Sound. It’s a nice old hall that I’ve played a few times. Tianna has a 4 or 5 piece band and does a wide range of material, including old country classics, modern ones and lots of her own from her CD’s. I do an acoustic opening set and then cool my heels and join them for a few songs on electric in the second half. Here’s link to Tianna’s website http://www.tiannawoods.com and you’d best contact the Roxy for tickets to the actual event: 251 9th Street E. Owen Sound: http://roxytheatre.ca/event/its-about-country-music-then-some/ 
March 16  Myself and Aaron Solomon and his band are rocking out at Harpers Landing in Oakville. Well not really rocking out… although we do at times rock. It’s part of their St. Patty’s Day Celebration so I guess we’ll be Penny-whistling out? Mandolin-ing out? Fife-ing out? Whatever we’re doing it’ll be fun. Starting at 8:00 and going until 11:00PM. And we’re also gearing up for the marathon the following day. See below for that info: Here’s Harpers Landing’s site: http://harperslanding.ca 
March 17  It’s officially St. Patricks Day so to celebrate Aaron Solomon and his band (including me) are hitting a few gigs in the area. Like 3 in one day! At this point I know we’re doing Fionn MacCools in Heartland Mississauga (825 Britannia Road Mississauga), Fionn MacCools in Oakville (350 Dundas Street East0 and then somewhere else….? https://www.fionnmaccools.com/en/locations.html I’ll find out where and post it here before too long. C’mon out the the nearest gig and have some green beer or I’ll hit you with my shillelagh. Leprechaun not only allowed… they’re welcome.
March 22 Once more Johnny Sheard and myself embark on a musical journey that could end up anywhere. I bring some of my material, John brings his, we add in bassist Dennis Pendrith and a special guest and the result is always a surprise. Even to us. That’s what makes ‘Sheard Wendellful Music' so much fun. Anything can happen. And it does. Musical brilliance, lots of belly laughs and a warm entertaining show is what we promise. This show is entitled ‘Best of the West’ so I can only imagine we’ll be doing some country classics… but in our own style. It takes place at the Aurora Cultural Centre, 22 Church Street Aurora ON. L4G 1G4. Here’s their website:  http://auroraculturalcentre.ca/events/john-sheard-presents-best-of-the-west/
March 23 Betty and the Bobs are starting their tour. Well it’s 2 gigs on consecutive weekends so it’s not really a tour. But when you play as infrequently as we do… we’re calling it a damn tour! We kick it off at the Almonte Old Town Hall (near Ottawa) as part of the Folkus Group’s concert series. They sponsor a monthly series and we’re the entertainment for March. Well, us and Beth Tufts from Elphin Ontario (home of multiple Juno winners… must be something in the water?) Tickets are $30 and available at https://folkusalmonte.com  More info at: http://www.davidwoodhead.com/BettyandtheBobs.html 
March 29 It’s the Ed Smith Duo. Wait a minute! If we call it that… then my name won’t get mentioned… The Ed Smith Duo featuring WENDELL FERGUSON! There! That sounds better. Anyway we’re doing a little two piece at The Queens Legs (Their motto is ‘Always Open”) It’s located at: 286 Eglinton Ave. near Avenue Road. We start around 9:30. And they’re recently partnered with a Chinese restaurant called ‘Wok of Art’ So c’mon down for some ‘country' music and some different ‘country' cuisine. Here’s their site: http://www.lotusinn.ca​​​​​​​
March 30 Betty and the Bobs continue their tour. This time we’re in Orillia as part of the ‘Mariposa In Concert’ series. We love Orillia and we love playing for these folks. And think how tight we’ll be... as we just faked our way through the material the previous week. As Ronnie Hawkins used to say, “You guys are tighter than a frog's ass stretched over a boxcar. I couldn’t slip a cigarette paper between ya’s!’ The venue is Best Western Mariposa Inn 400 Memorial Drive, Orillia. For tickets and info go to this site: www.mariposafolk.com Scroll down and hit ‘Concerts’… maybe?
April 9  Lou Moore and me and a whole bunch of cool musicians are doing a secret corporate gig in downtown Toronto. It’s all hush-hush. But if you want to roadie for me… and lift my amp and equipment…..well I’m taking bids.
April 11  Myself and Danny Lockwood, Vince Rinaldo, Bob Doidge and maybe Amy King are getting together at the Polish Hall in Burlington, Ontario to play a CD Release party for Gary Lucas. (Knowing Gary it might also be a Prison Release Party?) Gary’s a veteran singer who’s worked extensively with Ronnie Hawkins and The Partland Brothers. (See how ‘Prison' relates?) He’s recently recorded his own album of cover material plus a few originals and tonight’s the night we unleash it. Ticket info and times TBA.
April 13 Wendell & Wheat are at it again. This time we’re totally honored to be playing again at Auer-House! That’s George and Monica’s Auerbach’s house concert series. They’ve been presenting fantastic acts for years now. This marks not only our 3rd time there… but they’re celebrating their 100th show! That’s pretty impressive. But don’t worry. We’ll live up to the honor. Better book tickets early as it’s a tight squeeze and everyone will want to be at the 100th show. Just think of the cake! It’s in Thornhill and here’s a link:  http://toronto.eventful.com/venues/auer-house-concerts-/V0-001-003873390-6 
August 17 The cottagers up at White Lake in the Kawartha’s must’ve liked what I did (or they were so drunk, they don’t remember what I did?) because they asked me back again. Go figure. Seriously nice folks and a great time .
E-mail: wendell@wendellferguson.com
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