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Feb 1 I’m Mike Daley’s guest at Castro’s Lounge in the beaches in Toronto. This is a fun gig as we push each other to new heights, both playing-wise and coming up with weird songs-wise. Mike is an amazing player and singer with a wide repertoire of tunes. It’s a pass the tip jar kinda gig, so bring your spare change. Castro’s Lounge is located at 2116 Queen Street in the Beaches: https://castroslounge.com 
Feb 2 The Stew is playing at the Long Branch Legion Branch #101 at the bottom of Brown’s Line and the Lakeshore. Always a fun night and they all dance there. If you like cheap beer, cheap wings and friendly people… this is the spot for you. 7:00PM downbeat. Remember, Legions are cash only! Located at 3850 Lakeshore Blvd. W. Toronto. Here’s the site: https://www.legion101.com
Feb 4 Back at Mulligan’s at 2358 Dundas Street West in the Woodchester Mall (one block east of Winston Churchill. Website:
Feb 9 The Stew is back in Orangeville at Revival 1863. I have no idea what that name means or refers to? But it’s a cool club located under a restaurant (BVR) at 35 Armstrong St. in Orangeville. Also GREAT food! And smoking drinks! I mean, there’s actual smoke coming out of the drinks. This time I’m gonna order one. Here’s their website: https://revival1863.com
Feb 10 I’m sitting in with the Ron Robertson Band in Dunnville at the Legion. Last time I played here it was on a triple bill with Johnny Burke and Harold McIntyre, a couple of my Canadian heroes. But this time I’m just twanging on the electric guitar. Ron is a good guitarist himself, but he says he likes when I play so he can concentrate on singing. It’s some old country, some new country, some classic rock and a few selections you rarely hear. Plus some of Ron’s originals. The Dunnville Legion is located at 305 Queen Street in Dunnville. Here’s the link: https://dunnvillelegion.ca
Feb 15 I’m guesting once again with the great Lou Moore. Why do they call him 'great’? If you come and see/hear him, that’s what you’ll call him too. What a lightening-fast flat-picker! Trying to keep up with him is why I’m always out of breath on this gig. And my long-time pal Johnny Dymond is holding down the bottom end, (from way up in the nose-bleed section of the bass). We start at 8PM at the Olde Village Free House at 196 Main Street South in Newmarket. Here’s their website: https://www.oldevillagefreehouse.com
Feb 16 Wendell & Wheat ride again. It’s always fun when Katherine Wheatley and I do a show. We’re just so loose and fun. (Loose, as we never rehearse… anything, and fun, as we enjoy playing together and winging it!) The audience picks up on our joy. This is a  house concert in Tottenham. Sorry for local folks, but apparently it’s sold out.
Feb 17 Again I’m picking guitar with Ron Robertson. But this time in Port Dover. (I hope the weather is good. That a heck of a drive in a blizzard. But I’ll be there.) Where’s there? It’s at a restaurant called the Lviv Castle. Been a while since I’ve played in a castle. It’s new place for me, so that’ll be fun. And it’s advertised as a Steak House, Mmmm! It’s different hours: 4:00-8:00PM. It’s located at 201 Main Street in Port Dover. Here’s the website: https://lvivcastle.com
Feb 18 t's back to Mulligans. I think you know where it is by now. Right? Be there or be square.
Feb 23  It’s time for the big band I play in (The Montcrest Swing Band) to do it’s semi-annual gig at Grossman’s Tavern. We usually play between 7:00 and 9:00 PM and there is a small cover charge. More like ‘pass the hat’. There are 20 members of the band (if everyone can make it?) But you’ll hear some great music. Both swing era and modern. Grossman’s is (and always has been, since the dawn of recorded history at 379 Spadina Ave in Toronto. Here’s their website: https://www.grossmanstavern.com
Feb 24 Wendell & Wheat ride once more. This time in the grimmest of all towns, Grimsby! Just kidding, it’s not that grim. It’s not Beamsville, but it’s not that grim. This is a private house concert at Bob Friesen’s house and he puts on great shows. We’ve played here before and really enjoyed ourselves. It’s in the Grimsby Beach area and you’ll have to talk to Bob about tickets, reservations and directions. Guests arrive at 7:00pm and show starts at 7:30. $30. Contact: bob.friesen1@gmail.com
Feb 25 Where do you think I’ll be from 4 until 7PM today. I’ll give you one guess. Hint: https://www.facebook.com/MulligansMississauga/
March 3 Guess WHAT! I’m NOT, repeat NOT at Mulligans this Sunday. A great guitarist will be there filling in for me. But I have a gig in Fonthill at Jimmy’s Juke Joint! It’s not technically called that. It’s actually Peter Piper’s Pubhouse 111 Hwy. 20 E #3 Fonthill On.
But every Sunday drummer Jim Casson gets to bring in two guests to do a matinee. There have been some really good guests, including Chris Chambers, and David McMillan, David Gogo, Johnny Max, Marty Allen ..And this week it’s me and Steve Goldberger. Between the three of us we’ll be making some great music. We start at 2:00 and go until 4:30.
Here’s a link to an article about Jim: https://www.thoroldtoday.ca/local-news/jimmys-juke-joint-sings-the-blues-6623447
March 16  It’s an early St. Patrick’s Day celebration at Revival 1863 in Orangeville. I don’t have to tell you what a cool space this is. Great people, staff and food. And we sound really good in that room. Reservations are best, as it can sell out quick. Downbeat at 8:00PM. Revival 1863 is located at 35 Armstrong Street in Orangeville. https://revival1863.com
March 17  It’s officially St. Patrick Day and The Stew is doing it up right. We take on our Irish persona band, ‘The Merry O’ Lanza’s’ and do all the Irish music you’d want to hear. (or that we can stand?). This happens at Mulligan’s in Mississauga. 2458 Dundas Street. https://www.facebook.com/MulligansMississauga/
March 24 Back at Mulligans’ for a Stew day, starting at 4:00PM. Same address and details as above. https://www.facebook.com/MulligansMississauga/
March 28 I’m appearing at the Moonshine Cafe in Oakville. This warm, friendly little spot is a haven for musical types. Entertainment every night of the week. On this occasion it’s David Gillis, Steve Briggs and myself, picking up a mess of acoustic guitar. Original songs, covers, instrumentals and whatever strikes our fancy. And if that weren’t cool enough, we’re going to be joined by Russ Boswell on bass. These are all world class musicians so book a reservation for this if you’re interested. Shows there start around 7:30-8:00PM and we go until we drop. There’s probably a cover charge, but you can find that out by checking on the Moonshine’s website: https://www.themoonshinecafe.com/
April 4 I’m guitar-slinging with the Ron Robertson Band at the Lviv in Port Dover. Yes I spelled that correctly. I think it’s Roman numerals for well,… something or other? It’s a steakhouse so that’s a plus. I believe we start at 4:00PM? It’s located at 201 Main Street, Port Dover: https://lvivcastle.com
April 6 I’m guitar-slinging with the Ron Robertson Band at the Lviv in Port Dover. Yes I spelled that correctly. I think it’s Roman numerals for well,… something or other? It’s a steakhouse so that’s a plus. I believe we start at 4:00PM? It’s located at 201 Main Street, Port Dover: https://lvivcastle.com
April 13  The Stew are doing a guest appearance at The Muddy Water Hotel (and home for wayward girls) in Beeton On. We’ve played here a few times now. As one of the locals put it, “It’s a hole… but it’s OUR hole!” It’s actually a pretty cool spot, but watch out for the holes in the floor. We start at 8:00pm. It’s located at:25 Main St. West in Beeton (Go up the 400 and take the Beeton Offramp!) https://www.muddywaterhotel.com
April 14   Mulligans’ 4-7PM. Do I have to keep writing this down?  https://www.facebook.com/MulligansMississauga/
April 21 Mulligans’  https://www.facebook.com/MulligansMississauga/
April 28 The Steel Horse Gypsies are at the venerable Horseshoe Tavern in downtown TO! And not only that, it’s a double bill with another band, (one that will be announced shortly). And not only that, I’m doing an opening solo set of some of my tunes and instrumentals to open the evening. You get three acts for one cover charge! I’ll get you the details as they become available. Horseshoe Tavern: https://www.horseshoetavern.com/
May 18  The Stew are at Revival 1863 again. 8PM start. https://revival1863.com
E-mail: wendell@wendellferguson.com
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