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Sept.16 I’m the special guest of the Freakin’ Beacon Band at the Beacon Restaurant in Wasaga Beach. Due to Covid they’re only allowing 50 patrons in, and those 50 will be just like the band... totally spaced out! To reserve your seat contact the Beacon at 705-429-4433. The band plays a set starting at 7:30 and then takes a break. They introduce me and all hell breaks loose for about an hour or more. Then some of the finest musicians in the area get up and jam for the last set. Me included. Lots of fun. And the food there is uniformly great! The Beacon is located at 146 45th St. N. Wasaga Beach. Here’s their website: http://www.thebeaconrestaurant.com/home.html
Sept.19  I’m playing with an all original rock band called The Steel Horse Gypsies (which when translated means ‘Train Hobos’ I think? Or Railway Bums?) Anyway it’s a good band and we’re doing a drive-in style show at the Lindsay Fairgrounds. There are a few other acts on the bill including ‘The Practically Hip’. There’s already a poster up on my Facebook account but there’s a poster with the details attached to this email: (I doubt you can post that on the site Dan. Maybe a link to Facebook? Same with the Lindsay show?)
Sept.27 Sunday I’m once again playing with the Bill McConnell’s Steel Horse Gypsies but this time in Norwood, Ontario (north of Brighton, east of Peterborough). I don’t have time nor venue info at this time but I’ll post it when I get it.
Oct. 4 It’s the CMAO Awards show. Due to Covid we couldn’t do a regular theatre show with we’ve moved onto the grounds of the Western Fair in London Ontario. At the Raceway. The show includes over a dozen performances and I’ll be musical director leading the Western Swing Band as we back up most of the acts. Here’s link to the official website where all the details can be had.


Oct. 19


Hello friends, fans and fellow guitar players. I get the amazing opportunity to do a guitar gig with Steve Piticco about twice a year... but since 2020 scuttled our annual Westport gig at the Cove Inn... we were left gigless. But to fill that gap, enter the Upper Canada Musicians Association! Their Music Performance Trust Fund and Pricedex Software are sponsoring the event. They’ve been presenting Live on Facebook their Monday Night Concerts for the last several months filmed in St. John’s United Church in Brockville. They only allow the film/sound crew and 10 patrons into the room to comply with all the covid safety protocols. (Luckily Steve and I are allowed in.)

We start at 8:00 and go until 9:00 or 9:30 (whichever comes firstšŸ¤”) All you have to do is go to Facebook with the following: https://fb.me/e/3H7HyvL1m  Note this is a live concert and will not be archived nor replayed, so if you want to see it, you’d best tune in. If you’re not a Facebook guy (which I’m not) you might have to join... or watch from a friends account.To Facebook:  

Info coming soon ...
Info coming soon ...
E-mail: wendell@wendellferguson.com
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