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October 12 I’ll be heading over to Burlington Ontario to the Black Bull British Pub to do a show of my stupid songs and fancy finger-style. Opening is the Niagara whiz kid, Evan Rotella. Followed by Niagara Music Award winner, Cory Cruise. And then me and all my stupid songs! This is an evening show starting at 8:30. 2475 Mountainside Drive, Burlington. Here’s their web-site: http://www.blackbull.ca
October 14 Ed Smith and the Even Squares are back at the Cadillac Lounge, playing great traditional country music. We seem to be doing this more and more. And the people like it more and more. And the crowd gets bigger and bigger. I think we’ll still be out on the patio but if it gets prematurely cold, we may move it inside... We’ll have to see? We start at 4:00pm and go until 7:00. Cadillac Lounge: http://www.cadillaclounge.com/events/
October 19 I’m back with the James Anthony Band at the Halton Naval Veterans Hall in Burlington (2444 Industrial St. Burlington L7P 1A5) We start at 7:00 and go until 10:00PM. James has a great band and is a hell of a good picker so I’d better get practicing now. We do R&B, R&R, Country, Blues and Soul. See you there.
October 26 I’m at a private function in the St. Catharines area.
October 27 I’m flying out to Alberta for a special gig. It’s private so you don’t need to know about it, but sadly, I won’t be back in time for:
October 28 So I’m probably gonna miss Ed Smith and the Even Squares at the Caddy again. But there’ll be a great sub in my place trying to play my ‘chop’. Same info as the other gigs. Cadillac Lounge: http://www.cadillaclounge.com/events/ 
November 10  I’m opening for Tianna Woods at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre (302 Bridge St. Central Elgin ON.. I do about a 20 minute opener at 8:00PM and then Tianna and her band take the stage. I will be joining them in the second set for some duets and musical fun. All the info you need is here: https://www.psft.ca/2018winter_music_series.htm 
November 11  Yes its Remembrance Day. So after you’ve placed a wreath or said a prayer for the valiant soldiers who serve our country drop by the Caddy for a drink, some grub and some fine country music at the Cadillac Lounge. Starts at 4 and goes to 7 with Ed Smith and the Even Squares (and we’ll be having a ball!) http://www.cadillaclounge.com/events/
November 13  I’m one of 4 featured writers at Howard Gladstone's SONGWRITER’S SESSIONS Night at Hugh’s Room Live. They do one show a month this is my turn. Check back to see who else is appearing that evening. Show starts at 8:30 and the food there is generally great. https://hughsroomlive.com/event/songwriter-sessions-october-9/
November 17  I’m joining a crazy bunch of artists in a family oriented Christmas show called 'Music ’N Arts Collide'. (And you all know how much I love Christmas…?) This is Paul Murray, the speed painter. He can do an entire painting in about eight minutes. We play a Hendrix song, he throws paint at a canvas and when we’re done the song, so is he. There’s a painting of Jimi. And he auctions them off at every show and the money goes to Make-A-Wish and Ronald McDonald House. That’s a great show on it’s own, but if that ain’t enough. Wendell Ferguson (yours truly) is on the show both doing some of my material and also backing up Brian Good (of the multiple JUNO award winning Good Brothers) and his wife Susie. Together they’re known as Good Company, and good company they certainly are! Plus we’ve got Sarah Smith and her band in the second half of the show. This show is at The Grand Theatre in Fergus (244 Andrew St. W. Fergus ON. N1M 1N8), starting at 7:30PM. For full details and to order tickets. https://secure1.tixhub.com/tcwfergus/online/index.asp Note: This link might need to be copied and pasted into your browser. Here’s one from the local paper: https://www.wellingtonadvertiser.com/comments/index.cfm?articleID=42161
November 18 I’m doing the exact same gig ('Music ’N Arts Collide’) but at a different location. This time it’s in Watford Ontario at the Watford Community Centre. (101 Centennial Ave. Watford ON. N0M 2S0). All the same acts as above. This one’s a matinee. 3:30-5:30PM. Here’s the link: http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07efoggbixbaf6da47&llr=b9lsehqab&showPage=true Note: This link might need to be copied and pasted into your browser.
November 25 The Cadillac Lounge AGAIN!?!?!? We should all rent an apartment down there…. Just kidding. Yes Ed Smith and the Even Squares are really rolling (and it’s pretty hard to get a square rolling). Trad. Country Music 4PM to 7PM. http://www.cadillaclounge.com/events/
December 1 I’m back with Ed Smith and the Even Squares (4, 16, 36, 64…what’s the next number in the series? C’mon... use your high school math skills!) This time at the Aurora Legion. Ed has been booking himself and the band into Legions lately and it’s proved to be a great venue for classic country tunes. Plus who can resist pickled eggs and pepperettes along with the reasonably priced beer? And along with the stellar band (usually Al Cross, Wendell Ferguson, Burke Carroll, Darwin Bruce, Dan Howlett) is local hero and super picker Lou Moore. Lou lights up every solo and we’re all looking forward to playing with him. This band does it all, Merle, Lefty, Hank, Willie, Johnny, Waylon… there is a door/cover charge. Contact the Aurora Legion. https://auroralegion.ca/?page_id=1076
December 2 I’m taking part in the Riverdale Share at Danforth Music Hall. Tom Leighton and Steve Briggs co-lead an excellent band made up of top Toronto musicians (and me). Bass, drums, 2 keyboards! 3 guitars! A horn section! A string section! A choir! And tons of great artists celebrating the holidays by raising money for the less fortunate. Info will be everywhere in the city but here’s where you can look: http://riverdaleshare.com 
December 5 Im back up at the beach…Wasaga Beach. (December!?!?! What a time to go to the beach?!) At the Beacon Restaurant with the Freakin’ Beacon Band. This is Virgil Scott, Dave Breckels, Carl Rabinowitz, Joey Miquelon and moi,. Wendell Ferguson. It’s a really fun gig. Virgil and the band kick it off for the first set at 7:00PM. Then the next set is me with the band for about an hour. Then we take a short break and return with a big jam session. There’s tons of talent up there and everyone jumps in. Lotsa fun. Here’s a link to the Beacon site:http://www.thebeaconrestaurant.com/events.html
December 6  I’m doing one of my favorite gigs. Sitting in with the Lou Moore Band at Colonel Mustard’s in Newmarket. We start at 8:00PM and the players are always different but always excellent. Country, Bluegrass and even some rock! No cover, and the food is great! Be there or be square. (We’ll probably do a few Christmas tunes… oh joy! oh rapture!) Here’s the link: http://www.colmustards.ca
December 7

I’m back with Paul Murray, Brian and Susie Good, Sarah Smith and me, for another ‘Music ’N Arts Collide show. This time at the Aeolian Hall in London (795 Dundas St. E. London ON. N5W 2Z6. 
I’ve played there many times and it’s a beautiful and great sounding hall. Doors at 6:30, show at 7:30. Here’s the link: https://aeolianhall.ca/events/musicnartscollide/ 

December 8

Once again Music ’N Arts Collide! This time in Windsor at the Olde Walkerville Theatre (1564 Wyandotte St. E. Windsor ON. N9A 3L2)  This is a beautiful hall I’ve also played before. It goes back to the Vaudeville era. (Come to think of it, so do I!)  Doors at 6:30 and the show starts at 7:30PM. Info and tickets here:  https://www.oldewalkervilletheatre.com/events/music-n-arts-collide-christmas-with-sarah-smith-with-special-guest-brian-good-of-the-good-brothers-wendell-ferguson

December 9  I’m doing a gig with Dan Monroe (he does a John Denver Tribute act) and Aaron Solomon (He does a Glen Campbell Tribute) and me (I suppose I’ll have to do a Johnny Cash Tribute? It’s either that or Jerry Reed? Chet Atkins? Jonathan Winters? Phil Harris? Alice Cooper?) Anyway I don’t have details yet but it’s taking place in Wingham Ontario.
December 11  I am once more triumphantly returning to the Songwriter Series presented by Chas Hay in Barrie Ontario. I say triumphantly because I think I’ve done it every year they’ve had it..? I guess I’m a perennial favorite? Go figure! The venue is Donaleigh’s Irish Public House in the back room, the Temple Lounge (28 Dunlop St. E. Barrie ON. L4M 1A3) and its fantastic food there. Great sound too, along with 4 songwriters. I know the host Brett Caswell (he has a million songs) and also Amanda Rheaume (wonderful songstress from the Ottawa area) and of course I know me, Wendell Ferguson only too well. But I’ve never met Cassie Dasilva... so come out to the gig and we’ll get to experience her together. Here’s link (although there’s nothing about our gig on there). I think it’s a 8:00PM start but come at 7:30 in case I’m wrong...  https://www.donaleighs.com
December 15 Another Music ’N Arts Collide’ show. This time at the Wallaceburg Museum (Hey! I know I’m old… but a museum?) 505 King St. Wallaceburg ON. N8A 1J1) Again, doors at 6:30 and show at 7:30. for tickets and info go here: http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07efogttwoc2f2048e&llr=b9lsehqab
December 21 One last Music ’N Arts Collide show. maybe? This one isn’t confirmed yet. But if it happens it will be at The Capitol Theatre in Chatham (Home of Fergie Oliver, Michelle Wright and the great Sylvia Tyson, also my guitar playing buddy Tom Lockwood) The Capitol is located at 238 King St. W. Here’s link to their site but it has nothing about the gig on it yet: http://chathamcapitoltheatre.com/index.php
January - 2019 -
January 17 It’s Robert Morgan’as big Bob Dylan show! This time we’re at Lula Lounge, a very fun, festive spot on Dundas West. Great sound and great food. Plus everything Dylan. It’s an early show 7:00-9:00PM and it’s the usual gang, Robert Morgan, George Axon, Hap Roderman, Ed Roth and Kevin Howley… oh and me! Here’s the web site with directions etc.:https://www.lula.ca
February 8 It’s one of my favorite gigs. Guitar Mayhem. We did this this past summer in Ingersoll at the Canterbury Festival to rave reviews. Take three hot country Telecaster players (Steve Piticco, Shawn McCullough and me) and add an awesome rhythm section Rocky LaFleur, Marc Lemieux) and another vocalist/instrumentalist (fiddler Wade Foster) and you’ve got MAYHEM! This time we’re reconvening in our founding venue, The Cove Inn in Westport ON. It’s just about 40 minutes north of Kingston. There is a cover charge and the food at The Cove Inn is second to none. Book this one early as there’s limited seating and it always sells out. Here’s the website: http://coveinn.com/index.php/events/
March 2 Betty and the Bobs ride again. This time in Orillia as part of the ‘Mariposa in Concert ‘ series. Start time is 8:00PM and this bunch has more fun than a barrel of Mondays..? A month of Monkeys? Ah, whatever? …. it’s a blast, trust me. Put on by the Mariposa Folk Foundation: http://www.mariposafolk.com/the-foundation/
March 22 Once more Johnny Sheard and myself embark on a musical journey that could end up anywhere. I bring some of my material, John brings his, we add in bassist Dennis Pendrith and a special guest and the result is always a surprise. Even to us. That’s what makes ‘Sheard Wendellful Music' so much fun. Anything can happen. And it does. Musical brilliance, lots of belly laughs and a warm entertaining show is what we promise. This show is entitled ‘Best of the West’ so I can only imagine we’ll be doing some country classics… but in our own style. It takes place at the Aurora Cultural Centre, 22 Church Street Aurora ON. L4G 1G4. Here’s their website:  http://auroraculturalcentre.ca/events/john-sheard-presents-best-of-the-west/
March 30 Betty and the Bobs! Twice in ONE MONTH!!! What’s going on? This time we’re up in Almonte (near Ottawa) as part of the Folkus Group’s concert series. I don’t have all the details yet but they’ll likely show up here: http://www.davidwoodhead.com/BettyandtheBobs.html or here:https://folkusalmonte.com
August 17 The cottagers up at White Lake in the Kawartha’s must’ve liked what I did (or they were so drunk, they don’t remember what I did?) because they asked me back again. Go figure. Seriously nice folks and a great time .
E-mail: wendell@wendellferguson.com
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