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April 1st History reheats itself! Last night’s official CD release party was just a warm-up for this gig. This is the Prison Release Party, from the hi-jinx of the night before. The same crew (myself and the Good Brothers) are doing it all over again at Spot 1 in Brampton. Again I’ll be opening the show and they’ll be bringing it home with songs from their new album. And I’ll be backing them up. There is a cover charge but you’ll have to contact Spot 1. Spot 1 is located at 289 Rutherford Road South in Brampton. Here’s their web-site: http://spot1live.ca
April 7 & 8 I might have to move to Niagara on the Lake. I’m 3 dates down there playing at the Old Winery for two consecutive nights, plus an appearance at the Legion.
First on Friday with the lovely and talented Katherine Wheatley and the Old Winos (Steve Goldberger and Dave Norris) at 9:30PM as part of their Country Fried Fridays series.The Italian food is second to none. Come hungry for food and music, and leave satisfied.
Then on Saturday I’m opening a show at the NotL Legion for the great Marty Allen. If you haven’t heard Marty do his thing you should, tonight he’s doing his Johnny Cash material. He’s one great singer (and says, ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ at least 200 times per night. Ha! I mean it.) That kicks off at 8:00PM.

Then I finish and whip over to The Old Winery for my second night there starting at 9:30PM. But this time it’s just me with The Niagara Rhythm Section. It’s a little more rocky material, but still some country. And lots of guitar pickin’. So if you want the gentle stuff, come Friday. It’s full on Saturday night. Here’s the website for the Old Winery: http://www.theoldwineryrestaurant.com And the NotL Legion is 410 King Street, Niagara-on-the-Lake. 905-468-2353.
April 21 Ed Smith and I are at Colonel McGrady's in Uxbridge. (First time I ever hear the word ‘Uxbridge' was in that Canadian film, Black Christmas. A person got killed in the movie and they had to phone the parents who were ‘coming down from Uxbridge’. And now Ed and I are going to be going up to Uxbridge. Hope no one has to phone our next of kin! I’ve never been to Colonel McGradys before so I’ll tell you how it was right here, when they ask us back. If they ask us back. Ed is a great straight ahead country singer and I play the guitar. 9:00PM start. 44 Brock Street W. Street Uxbridge. http://www.colmcgradyspubandgrill.com
April 23 Ed Smith and I are back at the Coach House in Ballantrae. (North of Stouffville) This is an afternoon gig from 2:00 until 5:00PM. Friendly people and relaxed vibe. Here’s a website: http://coachhousepub.com
April 24-26 I’m flying out to Calgary for a big Tim Hortons Charity Event on the 25th. It’s several rounds of songwriters doing what they do best. Singing their original songs and telling the stories of how those songs came into being. I don’t know all the details yet but the lovely little girl with the biggest heart from Grande Prairie, Tenille is the event organizer. She’s a little ball of fire and has already been nominated for the CCMA’s Female Artist of the Year and walked away with the Humanitarian of the Year a couple of years ago.
April 30 I’m doing a house concert at the house of my singing pal, Katherine Wheatley. Well let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First off in the afternoon at 1:00 until 3:00pm I’m doing a guitar Workshop. I heard this one is almost sold out so to see if you can squeeze in contact Katherine at:  katherinewheatley4@gmail.com or call her at 519 780 2498. It’s $35 but you’ll learn a lot and you’ll laugh a lot. Just so you don’t waste your money, you should have intermediate or advanced guitar skills. It’s not for beginners. 
April 30 Then I’m doing a concert at the same venue. Milking the same cow twice in one day sort of… but this time it’s cheaper. 7:00-9:00pm. Only $20. No insights on the guitar this time. It’s pure entertainment. Hopefully I can coax, cajole coerce Miss Wheatley into joining me for a number or two. Again it’s at K’s Studio, 63 Toronto Street, Guelph, ON. Or contact her at: katherinewheatley4@gmail.com or call her at 519-780-2498
May 6 I’m being Luther Perkins again with Paul Anthony’s Johnny Cash Tribute Show. This time in Vaughn. Details are on the way.
May 7 I’m backing up the sweet and super talented Naomi Bristow in St. Mary's Ontario. The gig happens at St. Mary's Presbyterian Church at 2:00pm. The church is located on 147 Widder Street. (I wonder if there’ll be any widder’s in the audience? If so, we could sing that old song, ‘Don’t You Monkey with my Widder When I’m Gone'. It’s a classic.) If you haven’t heard Naomi before, she’s a great, traditional country singer who’s also a world class yodeler. Since we’re in a church and it’s a Sunday she’s gonna add a few more gospel tunes to the mix. I’ll be playing guitar and Dwayne Freison’s on bass. I have no contact or ticket info on this, but I’m sure you can find out on line. Here’s the church web site: http://pccweb.ca/stmarys/ 
May 12 Ed Smith and I are back at the Queen’s Legs on Eglinton Avenue. (You remember their motto, The Queen’s Legs…  We’re always open!) This is a fun little gig that starts around 9:30 or 10:00pm and we go until late. All traditional country sung by Ed and picked by me. No cover, no minimum. The ‘Legs’ are located at:  286 Eglinton Avenue W. Toronto. They don’t have a web site but here’s a Yelp page: https://www.yelp.com/biz/queens-legs-toronto 
May 13 I’m playing with those wonderful Good Brothers yet again. And why not. My guitar is all over their new album and it’’s a great album (if I do say so myself) This time we’re in Rockwood ON. And I’m doing a set between their sets. So you get twice the entertainment for the same price. I believe it’s held at the Rockmosa Community Centre, but don’t quote me on that. Details and ticket info as it becomes available.
May 21 Hugh’s Room is reopening as 'Hugh’s Room Live' and to celebrate that fact they have Betty and the Bobs appearing. This will mark over 15 years in business presenting live music. It’s one of Toronto’s best loved venues and we’re so glad it’s being resurrected. Betty and the Bobs used to play there all the time until they started getting a lot of big name acts. Then we were regulated to the lesser holidays (Groundhog Day, Halloween, Tet Offensive etc.) But now we’re back with a vengeance. Being as it’s the Sunday on a long weekend it will either be packed to the gills ... or we won’t need any reverb? Come and see which it will be? Note: Dave Matheson won’t be with us as he’s out touring with Ron Sexsmith. Hugh’s Room Live is located at 2261 Dundas Street West in Toronto. Call 416-533-5483 (LIVE) http://hughsroom.com 
May 24 Robert Morgan is celebrating Bob Dylan’s Birthday for the 7th year in a row. (Funny, Bob looks older than 7!) However this time the venue is the Lula Lounge, 1585 Dundas Street West. Same great band featuring Robert along with George Axon, Hap Roderman, Kevin Howley, Ed Roth, Willem Moolenbeek and yours truly. Dinner starts at 6:00 and show starts at 7:30. For tickets and reservations contact Lula Lounge at 416-588-0307 or go to: bemusednetwork.com/events/detail/354 For directions: Lula Lounge...
May 27 Ed Smith is back up at the Cornerhouse in Stouffville. and I’m his accompanist. We’ve played here several times with the whole band and we will again as the summer looms, but this will just be the two of us…I think? It’s real country, played real good! No cover and excellent food there. Excellent staff too. We start around 7:00PM. Cornerhouse: http://www.thecornerhouse.ca
June 2 I’m the special guest with the James Anthony Band but this time at Spot 1 in Brampton. The boys are fantastic and when James and I get together it really lights things up. We start at 8:00Pm and go until 11:00. http://spot1live.ca
June 3 Wendell and Wheat ride again. This time just as an acoustic duo as we help Lillian Wauthier celebrate 20 years of presenting her series ‘Acoustic Harvest’. She has presented thousands of shows over the run of this series and we’re so happy to have been asked to be on this show. But we’re not the only ones. There’s also James Gordon and Rosalee Peppard and others….Check out her website at: http://www.acousticharvest.ca/concerts.html And get tickets early because seating is limited and it always sells out.
June 8 As part of CMAO Week in London ON. I’m leading the band for a big “Legacy Show" being held just outside the city at the Purple Hill Country Hall. This is a big barn venue and we’re featuring some of the legends of country music in a star-studded show. You’ll enjoy performances by The Good Brothers, Wendell Ferguson, Aaron Pritchett, Marie Bottrell and others soon to be announced. For tickets contact Purple Hill: http://www.purplehillcountryhall.com and here’s the show’s producer, Cathie Faint’s website: http://cf-ent.com
June 9 I’ve agreed to take part in a celebrity charity sports function as part of CMAO Week. You’ll find out what I’m doing as soon as I do. Hope it’s not golf! Or baseball! Or hockey! Or curling! Or dodgeball! Or track events! Or touch football! Bowling would be okay, or Pool….Poker… all good.
June 11 It’s the CMAO Country Music Association of Ontario’s annual award show. We’ve sold out the Markham Theatre for 4 years in a row so it was time to move to a bigger venue. London’s Centennial Hall at 550 Wellington Street was selected and the show will be bigger than ever. I get to lead the house band for this prestigious event. It’s the great band Western Swing Authority with me in the conductors chair. Really a baboon could do my job. Those guys are so good (some say a baboon is doing it now) Jason McCoy is once again hosting and he’s pulling out all the stops. For tickets go to either Centennial Hall: http://centennialhall.london.ca/london-event-listings.html or the CMAO site: http://www.cmaontario.ca
June 20 Chas Hay is once again curating the Songwriter’s Series at the Temple Lounge in Donaleigh’s on Dunlop Street in downtown Barrie. This is a Tuesday night and every time I’ve played here I’ve had a great time. Brett Caswell a well known local songwriter is the host and I’ve done this show with folks like Russell deCarle and Gurf Morlix. The doors open at 6:30 and the show starts at 8:00pm and the cost only $10. Brett plus three guests. And I’m one of them. Here’s the website: http://www.songwriterseries.ca/#tickets 
June 24 I’m heading out to Merritt BC to take part in a special show made up of Canadian Country Music Hall of Famers. More details as they come in.
June 28-July 3 I’ll be out in Manitoba at Dauphin’s Countryfest. This is the 12th or 13th time they’ve had me out there. I’m almost a fixture. I get to host and participate in the Songwriter’s Circle on the MainStage on Saturday afternoon. As well I host the entertainment in the VIP tent in the evenings. I may even have my own band out there this year? We’ll see. For more info and tickets check out: http://countryfest.ca
July 7 I’m joining those crazy Good Brothers again but this time in Prince Edward Island. They’re playing at the Cavendish Beach Music Festival and I used to go to the beach there all the time as a kid, long before there was any festival. My dad is from PEI so we used to vacation there a lot. Plenty of relatives down there too. Also on the show are Little Big Town, Zac Brown Band, Gord Bamford, Chad Brownlee, Brandy Clark and many more. For tickets and info visit their web site at: http://www.cavendishbeachmusic.com 
July 8 I’m flying up the Sault Ste. Marie for a gig at my cousin’s 50th wedding anniversary. He says it’s 50 years but it feels like 55 with the windchill. (No he doesn’t. That’s my line). It’s a private gig so... sorry.
July 15 Wendell & Wheat Ride Again! Me and the Wheat will be playing at a house concert in the Orillia area. Sorry, no detail as it’s a private affair.
July 22 Wendell and the Streets-Villians get together again for a private party in Norval. (You know what they say, “Everything eventually goes back to Norval”) This is a private function so that’s all I can legally say. 
July 28 I’m again playing with Paul Anthony in his CASH - A Tribute to Johnny Cash. This time at the Musicfest in Oakland, Ontario. Does he mean in California? I can’t find an Oakland in Ontario, but there is an Ontario in California. Hmmm? Stay tuned and I’ll have it sorted out by then.
Aug 5 I’m back in the Luther Perkins saddle again with Paul Anthony’s Johnny Cash Tribute Show. Paul’s great. He kicks off every show with “Hello, I’m not Johnny Cash!” It’s a walk through Cash’s career with interesting stories and insights into the man. Plus the band’s got it down with the sound of the Tennessee Three. This time we’re in Sauble Beach. Details as they become available.
August 12 Ed Smith and the Even Squares are back at the Cornerhouse in Stouffbille. The same venue Ed and I have been doing, but this time it’s the entire band. Starts at 7:30. http://www.thecornerhouse.ca
August 17 I’m again joining the Good Brothers as they kick off the Havelock Country Jamboree. For years now they been a fixture up there and this year I get to accompany them. It’s always a good time at a Good Brothers show. Also appearing the same night are Patricia Conroy, Aaron Pritchett, Jana Kramer. Info is here: http://havelockjamboree.com/lineup/ 
Sept. 3 I’m up to do a private party in Haliburton. If you know these folks, I’ll see you there. If not I guess I won’t….
Sept. 7-10 It’s Canadian Country Music Week! This time it’s being held in Saskatoon. It’s always a great convention but when it’s in the west they get a little more fired up about it. I don’t know what I’ll be doing yet, but it’s generally been directing the Legends Show and the Discovery Showcases. Always fun, always interesting and you hear a lot of great music. If you haven’t been you should try it. I haven’t missed one since 1989. http://www.ccma.org/Host_City_2017_.html
Sept 22 I’m the entertainment up at the Burl’s Creek Farmers Market. Every week throughout the summer there’s entertainment while you purchase your fresh fruit. And what better music to buy peaches by than yours truly? I start at 5:00 and go until 7:00pm. Burl’s Creek Farmers Market is located at 134 Line 8 S. in Oro-Mendonte just off Highway 11. Here’s the venue event web site:https://www.burlscreek.com 
Sept 23 I’ll be appearing in the Kingston area, a little north of it actually, in Westport. A lovely little place called The Cove. Fantastic food and drink and staff! I’ve played there a few times with Steve Piticco and Shawn McCullough and the band, but this time it’s part of a writers night put together by Kingston’s own Kevin Head. Myself along with Suzie Vinnick, Jenny Whitely and Rick Fines are all slated to appear. It’ll be a fun show, lots of great songs and stories. Details to follow. The Cove: http://coveinn.com
October 7 It’s Betty and the Bobs biggest fan, both collectively and individually. Peter (Z.) loves this band and to prove it he will show up at gigs as far away as Sudbury, Sundridge, Kilbear Park, NotL, St. Catharines, Parry Sound and all over the GTA. So when he decided to throw himself a birthday party, who did he hire? Betty and the Bobs of course! If you’re not his pal we likely won’t see you.
October 27 Betty and the Bobs are appearing as part of the Brampton Folk Club’s Friday Night Folk Series. This is the first time all 7 of us have been together since, well about 20 days ago at a private function. But it will be a special show. This show sells out quickly so get your seats lined up asap. For tickets contact: http://www.bramptonfolk.ca
November 4 Ed Smith and the Even Squares are back at the Cornerhouse in Stouffville. We’ve become a house favorite there attracting tens of fans. Seriously it’s a traditional country band and Ed is a great singer. (Strange isn’t it? Ed Smith and the Even Squares? E.S and the E.S! That happened back in March when Elana Harte had me as her guest at the Eton House Tavern. E.H live at the E. H!) We start at 7:30 and there's no cover. But there is great food! Just look at the menu! http://www.thecornerhouse.ca
Jan 20 Betty and the Bobs reconvene for the first time this year at the Newmarket Folk Society’s Concert Series. Detail will materialize as the date approaches. Here’s the official web site but this listing is so new, we’re not up there yet. Check back: https://newmarketfolksociety.wordpress.com/season/
March 2-5 Betty and the Bobs are once more the instructors for a long weekend folk camp for the Haliburton Folk Society. You can sign up for a myriad of classes. I’ll be instructing a course on the incineration of fiddles. If you have one at home, bring it along. I guarantee we’ll have a hot time. Bagpipes and hand drums are invited too. Along with ‘Ban'jos and Digeree’don’ts’. Seriously for info and to sign up, visit: https://www.winterfolkcamp.net
April 20 Myself and my good friend Steve Briggs are doing a duo. We always love playing together and tonight we get to do a set in front of an appreciative audience as part of Bob Bales, Springfling in Sudbury Ontario. Also on the show are the fantastic Traveling Mabels (three amazing gals and a few tag-along guys) and the band Union Duke. Details will be available in the spring.
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