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October 1 I'm a man on a mission. Literally! I'm flying out to Mission BC to host and perform at a Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame show featuring myself, the Washboard Union, Kenny Hess, Kenny Hess, Becca Hess, One More Girl, Jackson Hollow headliner Aaron Pritchett (and possibly Jo-Jo Mason). The show will be a fund raiser for the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame. Ticket info on their website: http://www.ccmhalloffame.com/latest-news
October 5 I’m in Hamilton again but this time I’m doing a special little concert at historic Grant Avenue Studios. Bob and Amy and the gang have been presenting intimate little shows there with a limited audience of about 20-25 people only. It’s a chance to get up close and personal with the artists. And what artists they’ve been, Gordon Lightfoot, Daniel Lanois, Garnet Rogers, and now… Me! Me and the lovely and talented Caroline Wiles. Caroline had a new album out this past year and I’m working on a new one, so lots of new material. We’ll be there for a double bill and a lot of fun. Here’s the website and the contact info is on there. https://www.grantavenuestudio.com/events
October 7 It’s Betty and the Bobs biggest fan, both collectively and individually. Peter (Z.) loves this band and to prove it he will show up at gigs as far away as Sudbury, Sundridge, Kilbear Park, NotL, St. Catharines, Parry Sound and all over the GTA. So when he decided to throw himself a birthday party, who did he hire? Betty and the Bobs of course! If you’re not his pal we likely won’t see you.
October 13 It’s Ed Smith and the Even Squares once more rekindling the flame of traditional country music. Songs you thought were no longer heard on the Toronto scene. It’s taking place in a little out of the way venue called ‘The Queen’s Legs’ (Their motto is: ‘Always Open’) We start around 9:30 and it’s a full band featuring Ed on vocals and acoustic, myself on electric, Al Cross on the skins, Darwin Bruce on bass and Mike Hurricane Thompson on steel and harp. The material is all Lefty, Merle, Johnny, Willie, Waylon with a few bluegrass numbers and some Stones. What could be better. No cover and they don’t even have a website…? But they’re located at 286 Eglinton Avenue a few doors east of Avenue Road.
October 14 I’m being a guitar player for my good friends, the Good Brothers. Lillian Wauthier presents a monthly show called Acoustic Harvest, but this month she’s going big with a Healing Garden Show. Real big. Tom Paxton a veritable folk legend in concert. And not just him, he’s teamed up with The Don Juans (Don Henry and Jon Vezner). Two more amazing songwriters. Where do I fit in? With a shoehorn because I’m merely the guitar player. But the Good Brothers new album has me all over it so I will get to play a bit. It’s a special Healing Garden Show. Terry Eagan the man behind Patio Records has a cause. He builds ‘Healing Gardens' in hospital courtyards, or back lawns. A place where those enduring chemo or radiation can go and rest and recoup in a nice place with nature all around them. He’s been doing this for years and has built many gardens around Canada and the U.S. This show takes place at the Lyric Theatre 5040 Yonge St. at the Toronto Centre for the Arts. Tickets are $45 in advance and $50 at the door and they’re available at the TCA Box Office e416-250-3708 or from Lillian Wauthier at lillian.wautheir@gmail.com
October 15 I’m playing at a record release party for a truly talented young gal named Shaylyn. Recently Paul Anthony cut an album on her singing classic country songs called ‘Lovin’ The Legends'. With a killer band, Steve Petrie, Dougie Johnson, Dwayne Friesen, Steve Ruddick, Linsey Beckett Sue Leonard, Paul Anthony and myself on electric. We’re going to recreate that album right before your eyes in Ancaster at 4:00PM. the $10 admission price include a copy of the CD. For more info and venue address contact Paul Anthony at: Full Circle Productions 905-537-1539
October 20-23 I’m flying out to Vancouver to once more host the 41st British Columbia Country Music Awards show. This will be my return engagement and I’m really looking forward to it. But it’s a long night. Here in Ontario the CMAOntario gives out 16 awards. The BCCMA’s give out 30 AWARDS! Plus umpteen performances. I stutter a little in situations like this so I might be there until November! For information and tickets visit their website at: http://www.bccountry.com
October 27 Betty and the Bobs reconvene in Brampton as part of the line-up for the Brampton Folk Clubs’ “Friday Night Folk Series’. At this point we’re not 100% sure all 7 of the members can make it? Suzie Vinnick and Dave Matheson are always traveling the globe. But we think we can get them all together. I’ve played this series many times and it’s a wonderful, warm crowd. But you have to get your tickets early because this event sells out so quickly…. as they have a lot of regular patrons. For show times and ticket and venue info go to:http://www.bramptonfolk.ca
October 29 once again I'm the guitarist in the Mulligans Stew. The Stew is Kevin Phillips, Gary Taylor, Rob Gusevs, Rodney St. Amand and me. And we play some really awesome material. Stuff you don't hear other bands even attempt. We start at 4:00 and go to around 8:00. Lots of fun and guests often get up and do a number too. Mulligans is located in the Woodchester Plaza See their website: http://www.mulliganspub.ca/
October 31 Boooo! No that’s not a preview of the audience's reaction. It’s Halloween and Betty and the Bobs (minus Katherine Wheatley who has a prior trick or treat gig) are performing at Hugh’s Room Live! The food’s great, the sightlynes are great, the venue sounds great and the cheese is grated. There’s a cover charge of $20 in advance and $25 at the door. This is always a fun gig and I understand there will be prizes for the best costume. I’d tell you what my costume is but I don’t have time for clowning around. Heres their website: http://hughsroomlive.com/event/betty-and-the-bobs-halloween-bash/
November 2 I’m with the great Robert Morgan and his Bob Dylan Tribute show as we start our residency at Lula’s Lounge. The management there has us doing an early set. We start at 6:30 and do two sets of classic material. We even learn a song on stage in front of the audience. That could be great… or that could be grating? We’ll have to see? We’re all done by 9:30. Tickets are $23 in advance and $5 at the door. And again, fantastic food. Here’s a link: www.bemusednetwork.com/events/detail/457
November 3 It’s Wendell and Wheat at the Old Winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake. This is a really nice fine dining restaurant featuring Italian cuisine. Katherine Wheatley and I start playing at 9:30 and go for about 3 sets. Ably backed by Steve, Dave and Mike, the 'Niagara Rhythm Section' we do a little bit of everything. Some originals, some standards, some sub-standards, some country, folk and we even rock it up. Muchos fun and no cover charge. Here’s their website: http://www.theoldwineryrestaurant.com
November 4 I’m one of several acts appearing at the 25th Anniversary fund raiser for Camp Kirk. Camp Kirk was founded by Henri and Jane Audet and they’ve been helping kids with Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder and High Functioning Autism and other developmental challenges for 25 years now. It’s a wonderful organization and myself, Anne Lindsay, John Welsman and Carol Welsman, Molly Brown, the Binders are getting together to perform along with Henri himself and several other entertainers and a kids choir! The money all goes to a great cause. It’s happening at the Toronto Centre for the Arts 5040 Yonge St. in North York. The link: http://campkirk.com/event/
November 11 I’m sitting in with a band called MAXIMUM 60’s (whose guitarist broke his arm). I don’t know a lot of details about this gig but it takes place at DSTRCT (Which could mean DESTRUCT or DISTRICT or DISTRACT? With the vowels missing, I really don’t know?) but it’s at 10 Wyndham St North ON. N1H 4E3 Guelph and we playing classic dance material. 4 sets worth with a 6 piece band. What could be more fun? Here’s their website :http://www.dstrctguelph.com
November 12 I’m in Midland at the Midland Cultural Centre doing a solo show of all my Best? Worst? Great? stuff. This is my 4th time back there (you’d think they’d have learned by now?) presented by 'Intimate Spaces’ at their beautiful theatre. Tickets are available at the MCC website: http://www.midlandculturalcentre.com Show starts at 7:30.
November 17 I’m in Kingston but it’s a private affair so I can’t release any details. Sorry.
November 18 I’m in Belleville backing up the Daughters the King, a gospel duo with dare I say it? ‘GREAT’ voices. This is a fund raising concert for the New Life Girls Home. An excellent not-for-profit Christian residential program that works with young women who are struggling with the effects of addictions, abuse and mental health issues. Not only are the Daughters of the King great singers, they’re backed by a fantastic band. Frank Woodcock on drums, Dan Washburn on bass, Kiley Jo Masson on keys, Andy Schick on steel Don Reed on fiddle and yes… me on guitar. The show starts at 6:30 at the Maranatha Church 100 College St. W. Belleville ON. K8P 2G6. For tickets and more info go here: http://eventful.com/events/daughters-king-/E0-001-105538117-0
November 19 An intimate house concert style show at the lovely Midland Cultural Centre, this marks my 4th appearance there. Guess I’m ‘fair’ to Midland? The show starts at 7:00PM and the details will eventually show up here: http://www.midlandculturalcentre.com
November 26 I’m back once more to Mulligans to sit in with Mulligan’s Stew. This is another excellent band with Kevin Phillips on vocals, Rodney St. Amand on bass, Gary Taylor on drums, Rob Gusevs on keys and your truly on guitar. We start around 4:00pm and go until 8:00-ish. It’s a loose free wheeling gig but lots of fun and very musical. No cover either. Mulligans is located in the Woodchester Mall on Dundas.. Their website is http://www.mulliganspub.ca/
December 3 The annual Riverdale Share. This is an amazing concert with over 20 great acts. I’m usually in the house band (co-led by Tom Leighton and Steve Briggs) and occasionally I’m a featured performer. It takes place at the Danforth Music Hall and all the proceeds go to help families in the area that can’t afford food, presents or sometimes a place to live. Bring non perishable canned food items and feel good while you do good.
December 13 I’m once again the guest at the Beacon in Wasaga Beach. This is a super fun gig, where Virgil Scott and his excellent band: The Freakin’ Beacon Band (David Breckles, Joey Miquelon and Carl Rabinowitz) do a first set. Then in the second they bring up moi. And we do a wacky set of fun tunes. Since it’s so close to Christmas you can count on 'Xmas Chords' and ‘Santa Claus Is Dead” along with my usual fare of dumb songs. Then it’s a free-for-all with jammers of every description getting up. Lots of killer talent up in those parts and I’m happy to watch or play with them. The Beacon is located at 146 45th Street North in Wasaga Beach and features seriously good food. Here’s their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheBeaconRestaurant/
December 17 I'm back at Mulligans Pub once again. Every Sunday Kevin Philips and the Stew get together to cook up some fine music. And about once a month I'm the designated guitar player. It's an extremely fun gig and there no cover and the pub food is great. Big fish and chips and great Sheppard's Pie. 4:00-8:00pm. http://www.mulliganspub.ca/
January 20 Betty and the Bobs reconvene for the first time this year at the Newmarket Folk Society’s Concert Series. Detail will materialize as the date approaches. Here’s the official web site but this listing is so new, we’re not up there yet. Check back: https://newmarketfolksociety.wordpress.com/season/
January 20 Wendell and Wheat are heading to Vermont. No details at this point but they’re coming ….I hope?
January 27 Wendell and Wheat ride once again. This time in Innisfil Beach. This is a house concert for Ginny Clements. I’m not sure if it’s private or open to the public… but I’ll know shortly.
February 16, 17, 18 I’m heading out to Edmonton Alberta. What a nice time of year to be there too. Dead of winter. Brrrr! But that’s okay because its the annual Uptown Folk Club Winterfest, an indoor all weekend folk festival. Many great acts from all over the country converge on this festival. And they’ve tapped me to host it. I’m good with the dumb intros and time stretching jokes until the performers get ready. For a full line-up and ticket information visit their website at: https://www.uptownfolkclub.ca/winterfest
March 2-5 Betty and the Bobs are once more the instructors for a long weekend folk camp for the Haliburton Folk Society. You can sign up for a myriad of classes. I’ll be instructing a course on the incineration of fiddles. If you have one at home, bring it along. I guarantee we’ll have a hot time. Bagpipes and hand drums are invited too. Along with ‘Ban'jos and Digeree’don’ts’. Seriously for info and to sign up, visit: https://www.winterfolkcamp.net
March 23 Once again I’m playing the ACC and we hope to sell it out again like we have twice before. However sadly, it’s not the Air Canada Centre. It’s the Aurora Cultural Centre. (I did the same thing and sold out at Massie Hall, a small town up near Owen Sound) Even if they aren’t the gig you thought they were, they sure look good on your calendar. This one is featuring the great John Sheard, the musical director for Stuart McLean and the Vinyl Cafe for all those years. We're musical pals and the laughs fly whenever we get together. We’ll be joined by the skinniest man on earth, bassist Dennis Pendrith. (He has to run around in the shower to get wet. His pajamas only have one stripe.) And we might even feature a yet-to-be-determined female vocalist. This all takes place at the ACC 22 Church St. Aurora.. Here’s their website: http://auroraculturalcentre.ca/concerts-events/live-music/
April 20 Myself and my good friend Steve Briggs are doing a duo. We always love playing together and tonight we get to do a set in front of an appreciative audience as part of Bob Bales, Springfling in Sudbury Ontario. Also on the show are the fantastic Traveling Mabels (three amazing gals and a few tag-along guys) and the band Union Duke. Details will be available in the spring.
May 5 I’m working with my old boss, Marie Bottrell once more. We don’t play together all that often but when we do it’s a real treat. She was the best female boss I ever had (Duane Steele was the best male boss). She's on some gigs put together by country impresario Joseph White. I’m not sure what the format is but when Marie and I get together it’s gonna be musical and fun. She’s an awesome singer and won CCMA Female Vocalist several years in a row as well as being a member of the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame. (Our rooms are next to each other in the hall). It will be held at the Roselawn Theatre in Port Colburne, 296 Fielden Ave. 905-834-7572. Details when they come available.
May 12 I’m once more playing with Marie Bottrell. This time in Hensall Ontario at the Hensall Heritage Hall. No details right now but check back as they become available.
June 1, 2, 3 It’s the CMAO’s (Country Music Association of Ontario) annual awards show and conference. This year it will be held in London ON. at Centennial Hall. For details check out their website: https://cmaontario.ca/awards/about/
June 23 I’m playing an event called 'Christmas In June' in Barrie, Ontario. I know, it makes no sense to me either… but the presenter swears it’s a real thing. Details when they reveal themselves.
July 6, 7, 8 Apparently I’m going to be performing at Mariposa Folk Festival again this year. This festival is one of Ontario's finest and I had a run where I did it 7 years in a row! They must’ve got tired of seeing this old face because I haven’t been asked back in ten years. But the wheel turns slow and I’m heading back up there. Details and a full line-up will be available on their website. http://www.mariposafolk.com
September 1 I’m heading up to White Lake in the Kawartha’s to do a show for a cottager’s association. Details when they’re ready.
September 6-9 I’m heading to the CCMAs. The Canadian Country Music Awards. And this year it’s nice and close. Hamilton. No flying and paying for extra baggage. Ahhh. That feels nice already. More details on what I’ll be doing as we get closer to the event. https://www.ccma.org
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