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"Wendell Ferguson is recognized by his peers as one of the top pickers in the country and known best as having one of the quickest wits in the game. A talented and funny guy to say the least." (Country Music News)

What do you give an overweight, asthmatic 7-year-old boy for Christmas? Model airplane? Etch-A-Sketch? Erector set? Well lucky for us Wendell Fergusons' folks gave him a guitar.
From the first time he heard Chet Atkins' recording of "Mister Sandman" he was hooked, and only one thing ever held his interest...the guitar. He'd already been taking lessons for 3 years when The Beatles came on the scene and he was soon hard at work lifting their licks, along with Ventures, the Stones, Les Paul and of course the aforementioned Mr. Atkins.

Fast forward to today. Wendell has won the Canadian Country Music Association's "Guitar Player of the Year" 6 times. Along with 3 more wins for "Back-up Band of the Year," plus a Ontario Country Performer and Fan Association award for "Career Musician". To quote Ferguson "Not bad for a guy who hasn't worked a day in his life".

Years of touring, radio and television appearances and recording with some of the biggest names in both the country field (George Fox, Duane Steele, Shania Twain, The Wilkinsons, The Dixie Chicks, Chely Wright, Deana Carter, Gary Allen, Patty Loveless, Tracy Byrd...) and the folk arena (Gordon Lightfoot, Sylvia Tyson, James Keelaghan, Katherine Wheatley, The Arrogant Worms, Quartette, Jane Siberry, Vance Gilbert, Brent Titcomb) have given his songwriting a unique perspective.

"The man writes sharp, witty and head-spinningly brilliant tunes. He's a cross between Roger Miller and Ray Flack. He has more in common with Mark Twain than Shania"

He started to find his own "writers voice" back in '92 when he founded the contemporary country band "Coda The West", and wrote or co-wrote most of that acts material. Five Top-40 hits resulted in CCMA nominations for "Duo or Group of the Year", along with a Juno award nomination.

"This is not just a novelty album, it's a country album with great musicians, production and songs"
(Country Wave Magazine)

In 1999 Wendell decided to step out on his own to reveal both his notorious sense of humour and his notable guitar work with the release of his CD "I Pick, Therefore I Jam." The album garnered rave reviews and was nominated in the CCMA's "Vocal Collaboration of the Year" category for his duet with Prairie Oyster's Russell deCarle. It was also listed in RPM's Top 100 Albums of 1999 and Country Music News' "Best of the Year". Wendell released a follow-up album in 2003 "Happy Songs Sell Record, Sad Songs Sell Beer" and in 2005 he released his Live album, "The $#!T Hits the Fans" which was nominated for a "Album of the Year" Award at the 2006 CCMA's.

"This gem is a collectors item, not just because it's obscure, but because it's so darn good. Five Stars!"
(Real Music Magazine)

Ferguson now makes his living splitting his time between performing his own hilarious act and being a sideman/session player for everyone and their aunt. He's presently working on an instrumental album called "Taking Elevator Music to a Whole New Level" that should be released shortly.
Check out his performance schedule at to see where you can catch him.


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