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Menage A Moi

(Cover Art by Carbunkle)


Wendell's Cranky Christmas


Wendell Ferguson-Live! The $#!T Hits the Fans

(Cover Art by Carbunkle)
Wendell's Second CD
Happy Songs Sell Records Sad Songs Sell Beer
Here's Wendell's First Release
Wendell Ferguson: I Pick Therefore I Jam
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What Critics Are Saying About Wendell Ferguson

"Wendell's best enjoyed in "High-Def"
You'll enjoy him more if you're high or deaf."
- Dave Ferri

The highlight of the Lizards' first trip to Ontario was sharing the stage with Wendell Ferguson. Unfortunately we were seated just to his right, so we had to follow him every time. That's just not fair. I would demand a rematch, but I'm sure it would come out the same way. Great songs and great picking.
- Tom Pittman Austin Lounge Lizards

"I found my jaw dropping at our workshop. I was blown away by both (Ferguson's) humor and guitar playing. (The) Christmas song that asks the question: why do they have so many chords, floors me. When he grabbed that crazy chord by wrapping his index finger on the other side of the neck, I thought the flashbacks had flared up. Wendell Ferguson is my favorite kind of funny.
The darkness of his humor is lit by the brilliance of his guitar."
- Ezra Idlet Trout Fishing in America

"The Clown Prince of Folk"
- Brian Silcoff Ottawa Folk Aficionado

"Wendell's jokes and stories had the audience rolling in the eyes."
-Michael Bolton. (No Not THE Michael Bolton)

"I have never seen so much talent on one stage...and that includes tonight."
-Michael Bolton (Again, No not THE Michael Bolton)

"Wendell Ferguson? Well I've heard a lot of great guitar players in my time...but I've never heard of him"
-Chet Atkins

Listened to your new CD on the subway coming home last night. Got a lot of weird looks. Could've been the pee stains on the front of my drawers. And what singing...you're smoother than Perry Como in an oil-tray...but you belong in the punitentiary!
Dave Matheson

If all good things came to an end, then Wendells shows would last forever.
Michael Bolton (no, not THE Michael Bolton)

"If the folk community was a village...he'd be our idiot"
- Holmes Hooke

"This guy has more licks than a two-year old working on a buster bar"
Bob Bale - Concert Promotor

"Have you ever recorded that Christmas song about all the stupid chord changes?  I laughed till I thought I'd puke!  That is the most ingenious song I have ever heard anywhere (makes Noel Coward look like an amateur) The world is in desperate need of lighthearted lyrics and flashing fingers."
Barb Vant Erbe (A fan from the sounds of it)

"Guitar pickers are a dime a dozen but not too many people can
string words together the way this guy does!"
Ray Griff

" I play your album a lot when I'm travelling 'cause my wife won't let me play it in the house"
Mike Puhallo "The Cowboy Poet"

"The man is a monster! He has more talent in his entire body
than most people do in their little fingers"
- Don Bird

" That 'Christmas Chords' song is exactly right. You nailed it!"
George Hamilton IV

"I know idiots who call him a genius" - Washboard Hank
- Washboard Hank

"One of the funniest shows I've ever slept through"
-Richard Flohil

"Wendell's guitar playing is ahead of his time...usually by an eighth note"
- Roly "What Key is It In?" Platt

"Laugh ...I thought I'd never start"
- Steven Wright

"These aren't songs, they're punchlines... set to music"
- Tom "Tin-Ear" Tompkins

"His Songs are just a little above below average"
- Yogi Bear

"This man suffers from delusions of mediocrity"
- Mohammad Ali

"On this CD, Wendell Ferguson played country music...Country Music lost"
-Keith "Glass Ear" Glass

"A Debut that is both Good and Original , unfortunately the parts that are Good aren't Original , and the parts that are Original aren't Good"
- A Passerby

"I don't think we're in Kansas anymore...but it sure is corny"
- Dorothy Parker

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